FNK9928 SCM model is widely used in industrial control field by a dedicated single-chip processor chip CPU 's just evolved . The first design concept by the large number of integrated peripherals and CPU A chip, so the computer system is smaller and easier to integrate into a complex and demanding on the volume control which devices.


A cross-sectional diagram of a power transistor unit . Usually a commercially available power transistors comprising thousands of such elements. Main article: Power Transistors The power MOSFET and the aforementioned structural elements on the MOSFET has a significant difference. Structure within each endpoint transistor integrated circuits generally are in the planar MOSFET (planar) are from the chip Only a few microns from the surface . The structure of all the power components are vertical (vertical) , so that components can withstand high voltage and high current work environment. A power MOSFET can tolerate

Dry field of electronic recipe for success

Dry wild secret to success is using its electronic energy devices and integrate technological advantage through process design , focus and international leader in 8 " wafer foundry , packaging and testing work closely with foundries , and by ensuring that products in the production and testing process quality control to ensure high-volume production , the continuous and stable supply of high quality products ; while focusing on the research and application of each product industries and sectors and achieve mastery , so use to maximize product performance and most.